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Norway encouraged to invest in Indonesia`s ...

Norway encouraged to invest in Indonesia`s renewable energy sector

Jakarta (13/4) - Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arcandra Tahar has encouraged Norway to invest in Indonesia`s new and renewable energy (EBT) sector. "We have to work hard to increase the share of renewable energy use at affordable prices, and we have set an ambitious target to provide 23 percent of the energy mix from renewable energy by 2025," Arcandra Tahar stated while opening the Indonesia-Norway Energy Workshop in Jakarta on Thursday. He noted that the trend of energy use in the world has begun to shift from fossil energy sources to EBT sources.

In line with this, the Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, expressed its seriousness in the development of EBT. The ministry demonstrated its commitment by targeting 23 percent EBT in its energy mix for power plants by 2025. To achieve the 23 percent target is not something easy, as it needs strong efforts and assistance from investors, both at home and abroad. Tahar explained that in order to achieve the 23 percent target, the government has made various efforts, including formulating regulations and tariffs to attract private investors to invest more in renewable energy projects.

Tahar also asserted that other parties, including investors both from within the country and abroad, are required to develop progressive renewable energy. "We ensure that energy development, especially renewable energy, requires foreign investment and cooperation with other countries. It is important for Indonesia and other countries to work together to achieve mutual benefits," the deputy minister noted. Tahar is encouraging the private sector, including Norwegian investors, to participate in the development of renewable energy in Indonesia, especially in eastern Indonesia, to help the government meet the people`s energy needs.

Director of Multifarious EBT Harris believes that cooperation to develop renewable energy with Norway was the right step forward. Norway has experience in the development of hydropower as energy. Some 98 percent of Norway`s energy requirements are derived from hydroelectric power. Harris further explained that Norway also had the ability to produce EBT-based power generators, such as power plants, wind, water, and solar. "We invite them to invest their funds in our renewable generation sector, especially those based on hydropower, diesel, wind, and waste," Harris stated. "If the Norwegians are interested in developing renewable energy in Indonesia, it would be good," Harris added.

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