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Indonesian herbal medicine to be marketed abroad

19/10/2016, Semarang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - An original Indonesian herbal medicine, Jamu, will be marketed abroad in the Middle Eastern and ASEAN regions, the chairman of the Jamu Association of Central Java, Nyoto Wardoyo, said here on Wednesday. Jamu is made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits.

"Indonesias ambassadors in various countries have started to introduce Jamu to other countries, such as Arab nations and Hongkong," he informed. According to him, Jamu is in demand in many countries because they have realized that its health benefits.

"Jamu is well known for its nutritional value. Demand for the product is rising and the exports have increased," he reiterated. He also appreciated the fact that the government is encouraging the herbal medicine industry to progress. "Entrepreneurs expect expeditious grant of a license. Once we complete all the requirements, we want the government to immediately issue a permit," he stressed.

He hoped for better synergy between farmers, entrepreneurs and university researchers to develop Jamu products. He also hoped that Jamu products could be a part of the BPJS health program. "When people suffer mild colds, coughs or flu, the doctors can treat them with Jamu," he underlined. Thanks to these efforts, the usage of Jamu is expected to rise at home as well as abroad.

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