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Indonesia begins to post surplus in inter ...

Indonesia begins to post surplus in international trade

Jakarta, (16/4) - Indonesia reported a surplus of US$1.09 billion in March 2018, ending two successive months of deficit in January and February, with exports at US$15.58 billion and imports at US$14.49 billion. Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Suhariyanto told reporters the country`s international trade began to post surplus in March after a deficit of US$756 million in January and US$52.9 million in February 2018. "After deficit in January and February the country`s trade performance began to recover in March," Suhariyanto said here on Monday.

He attributed the surplus in March to trade in non oil and gas commodities which resulted in a surplus of US$2.02 billion . Oil and gas trade left a deficit on US$924.5 million. Cumulatively exports in the first quarter of this year rose 8.76 percent to US$44.27 billion from US$40.69 billion in the same period last year. Imports rose 20.12 percent to US$43.98 billion from US$36.62 billion resulting in a surplus of US$282 million. "The surplus in the first quarter of this year was much smaller than in the same period last year, but the trade balance in March improved significantly," Suhariyanto said, adding hopefully the trend would continue.

He said in March 2018, surpluses were recorded in trade with the United States reaching US$#2.26 billion, India US$2.09 billion and the Netherlands US$678 million; and deficits were recorded in trade with China US$3.81 billion , Thailand US$1.1 billion and Australia US$602 billion.

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