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Political Section

The functions of the political section is to maintain Indonesian bilateral relations with Austria and Slovenia as well as represent Indonesia in multilateral forums, particularly those in relation to the IAEA, PrepCom CTBTO, UNODC and UNOOSA.

In maintaining bilateral relations, it establishes professional relations and engages in cooperation activities with Austrian and Slovenian counterparts in the government, parliament, political parties, academics, non-governmental organizations, and other partners, to enhance cooperation for mutual benefit. It also monitors, reports and offers advices on the political development in the two countries as the basis for decision making in Jakarta.

In multilateral forums, it advocates Indonesia´s interests in the promotion of safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies under the IAEA; in the preparations for the effective implementation of the Comprehensive Test Best Treaty under the PrepCom CTBTO; in the fight against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism through the CND, the CCPCJ and the conferences of the parties of related conventions and protocols; and in the promotion of international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space through the COPUOS.

It further reports and offers advices to the capital on the development in these agencies and bodies. It promotes cooperation activities between Indonesia and the above-mentioned agencies/bodies in order to enhance national, regional and international safety, security and welfare. To achieve these tasks, it establishes professional relations with the secretariats of the agencies and bodies as well as other foreign diplomatic representatives in Vienna. It also actively contributes to the search for common positions under the Asian Group and the Group of 77 and China.

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