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1683 : Inclusion of the property in the fortifications of the Turkish camp at the „Türkenschanze“ (Turkish entrenchment)
1879 : Purchase of the property, previously used as vineyards, by the builder Ferdinand Oberwimmer.
1893 : Purchase and construction of a residential house for Mr. Josef Offer by the architekt Ludwig Richter - Purchase of the neighboring properties.
1920 : Purchase of the property by Ms. Fanny Knoll.
1927 : Purchase by Ms. Frances Wulle. Construction of a gatehouse and a garage as additions to the house. Construction of the conservatory.
1935 : Purchase by Dr. Ludwig Schön. Extensive remodeling of the house in the following years.
1941 : Confiscation by the secret police of the Nazi party (Gestapo).
1947 : Return to Dr. Ludwig Schön.
1964 : Additional story added to the gatehouse by the heirs of Dr. Schön.
1974 : Purchase by the actor Peter Alexander Neumayer and Hildegard Neumayer.
1981 : Purchase of the property (3,193 m2) by the Indonesian Embassy.
1982 : Demolitions of some of the buildings (gatehouse and garage) from the years 1927 and 1964. Remodeling of the residential house, and additions matching the style of the original for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia by Professor Hannes Lintl.