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Angklung belongs to one of traditional instruments from Indonesia. It is made from bamboo pipes, and originally developed in western part of Java. The unique part of angklung is that each instrument has the sound of only one specific note. The note can be produced by simply shaking the angklung.

Because of that, angklung is usually played in groups of people, using up one, two or even up to five sets of angklung. A set of angklung usually consists of:

Type of Angklung-----Amount--------Identity---------Notes
Small melodic----------31--------------Numbers------0-30 fis to c''
Large melodic--------- 11--------------Letters--------- G, Gis, A, Ais … F G to f

Using the angklung in this set, complete songs in the range of 3 octaves can be performed. A simple difference in sizes labels the different notes angklung produced. Smaller angklung will produce higher notes, and the bigger ones will produce lower notes.

Besides the melody, angklung performance of a song is usually accompanied by a group of accompaniment angklung. It gives the chords and rhythm to the presentation of a song. A commonly known chords can always be played using the accompaniments, which for each chord there is a specific accompaniment angklung.

Nowadays, due to the fact of its versatility, angklung can be performed through all genre of music. Musical numbers from classical work to a very well known radio top 40 hits can be played by angklung. Combinations between angklung, angklung accompaniment and furthermore with other musical instruments such as percussion line, bass, or even a piano deliver angklung to a new level of composition. The new compositions and works of angklung produce a new term of “Angklung Orchestra”, which means that angklung group can be similarly compared to a full orchestra, in which angklung are divided into sections, and create harmonious sound through different notes.

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Mr. Gonti M. Sitohang
Tel. +431- 47623 42