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Economic Section

The Economic/Commercial part of the combined Political-Economic Section analyzes the macro and micro-aspects of the Austrian and Slovenian economy, particularly in relation to it several larger neighbors or EU, and responds to the Ambassador's priorities in economic issues . The section reports to Foreign Ministry in Jakarta on economic conditions and development trends, demarches the Austrian and Slovenian Government on issues of interest to Indonesia, advises potential investors, does advocacy on behalf of Indonesian business interests, monitors Austrian progress on finance related anti-terrorist measures, monitors and reports on environmental degradation.


Indonesia Trade and Investment News

No. Date of Issue Description Size
1. 2 April 2007 Trade and Investment News (pdf): 18 pages 184 kb
2. 19 September 2007 Financial Sector Reform (pdf) 55 kb
3. 19 September 2007 Improving the Investment Climate (pdf) 101 kb
4. 19 September 2007 Empowerment of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), file pdf 102 kb
5. 19 September 2007 Instruction of the President of the Republic Indonesia, Number 6 of 2007 (pdf) 37 kb
6. 19 September 2007 Acceleration of Infrastructure Development (pdf) 71 kb
7. 19 September 2007 Annual Work Plan 2008 45 kb