Number of media entities (2003): 1,180
Number of print media (2003): 968
Number of daily newspapers (2004): 8
Number of television channels (2003): 49
Number of radio stations (2003): 99
Percentage of households connected to the Internet (2003): 45
Regular users of the Internet (2003): 836,000

Source: Mediana

The Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia ensures freedom of the press and other forms of public communication and expression.
In June 2001, Slovenia adopted the Law on Media, providing rules and regulations for the entire media sphere. The new law on media is in the process of adoption in the parliament.

Print Media
Eight daily newspapers - Delo, Dnevnik, Slovenske Novice, the sports daily Ekipa, tabloid Direkt and the business daily Finance from Ljubljana, Večer from Maribor and Primorske novice from Nova Gorica - cover the entire country with a daily circulation of about 350,000 copies. Most of the circulation of the traditional dailies (Delo, Večer, Dnevnik), which have been coming out for several decades, is accounted for by permanent subscribers. Regional weekly journals have a similarly ingrained tradition and have attained a wide circulation in the Slovenian regions.
Altogether, 1,200 different media entities, including 968 printed publications, give a total circulation of around 6 million in 2003, which is not small for a market of 2 million people.
In 1991, Slovenia founded a state news agency, the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), which has successfully become the main information service about Slovenia for foreign media.

Radio and Television
In Europe, there are few areas with so many radio and television programmes operating in such a small area as Slovenia. In 1991, the media space was entirely privatised, with the former national radio and television broadcasters remaining the only public-owned institutions. Both public radio and television (RTV) enjoy special status in terms of national significance. RTV broadcasts two television and three radio programs. It is financed from subscriptions, the total sum of which is approved by the state. It is also allowed to supplement its income through commercial sources. The government generally does not finance any media programming from the Budget, except for those radio and television programmes intended for the Hungarian and Italian national minorities.

The two TV and three radio channels are also available via satellite.

The Internet
The Internet is gaining in popularity, too; it is used in 97% of primary, 100% of secondary and 100% of higher education institutions as well as by approximately 55% of households.

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